Girl goes viral for wearing a duster dress in KFC while friends are on their casual attires

Everyone of us has our so called friends that play a big role in defining who we really are, as the saying goes, birds with the same feathers flock together. It’s like we have our sense of identity when we get along with the company we used to have and most of the time situations will tell us if we’ve got real friends with us, those who stay not just through thick and thin but much more on our insanity moments.

It’s in having fun that we stick around, but what if you are the subject of fun at the moment? Well, these posts from Sydney Eusebio is just one sure example of how friends can be so hilarious sometimes, which I believe many could relate to.

As captioned, she said she thought her friends’ invitation to eat out will just be intended for some simple food trip like “mani” or “isaw.” But it turns out to be a dine at a restaurant.

In a series of screenshots, here goes the conversation.

Perks of being one-call-away friend is to be always on-the-go like she responded postitively to her friends even if she’s only wearing loose fitting dress.

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She was not informed that they actually plan on dining at KFC. But instead of getting mad, she managed to put humor in her post when she said it would take her to yell out and tell everyone she’s Lily Cruz to complete the scene.

And even consented to pose along with her “better-dressed friends” while she’s in slippers for “tumbang preso.” Her face though. 🙂

Followed with this. Looks like it’s house helper’s payday. Best in polka, like that–she jested.

After asking a friend to order for her since she’s afraid the guard might mistaken her as badjao girl, she got this. Gravy with rice. Thanks to Faye!

Guess what? She nailed it in captioning at this point. Around 3:30 om a while ago, good samaritans saw her standing outside and have her dined in. She was then so thankful to those kind fellow like them. She tried fries just at that moment.

And in the end, they took a photo together, three of them with better clothes on while she is better off with a “daster.”

Wondering how she looks like on her casual attire? Well, here are a few photos of her on her Facebook account.

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Indeed, true friends do make you happy, and sometimes will make you the source of their happiness. Their friendship is worth keeping after all, especially that they’re now famous because of this cute and funny post. Do you see yourself and your friends in them? Well, same here.

H/T: Rachfeed