Girl immediately regrets helping an injured snake but teaches her a LESSON that made her an internet celebrity

Animals will always be animals as everyone says. They have this nature that no matter how tamed, they’re still animals and that they shouldn’t be trusted fully.

Just like what happened on the story of Chelsea Norris who learned her lesson the hard way after she was bitten by an injured snake she’s trying to help.

According to her Facebook post, as she walked one day, she happened to see a snake. And as she bent over to take a closer look at it, she noticed that the end of its tail had been crushed and it was difficult for it to move. The snake seemed calm and let Chelsea get inches closer to him.

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So, as Chelsea reached down to help the snake across the sidewalk, she then clearly heard the voice of one of her favorite teachers (Mr. Frank Willis) saying “Don’t pick him up. He’s still a snake”. And not sooner than she drew back her hand and stood up, the snake leaped to bite her.

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What makes Chelsea’s post viral is not just about how she found a snake and was about to be bitten by it, but on how she put a moral lesson of her experience for that day. As she wrote the moral lesson of her story:

Moral of the story:

Watch out for the snakes in your life. They feed on your kindness and mercy. But, they will strike at the first opportunity. Once, someone shows you who they are and where they stand, believe them. There is no need to continually offer your helping hand only to be bitten and hurt. Sometimes you have to accept that you can’t help everyone.