Girl immediately regrets sunbathing in a beach after crab mistaken her private for an oyster

Summer season is almost reaching its end, but it does not mean that it is too late for you to enjoy the fun under the sun. Hence, a 28-year old Singaporean girl and her friends decided to go nude as they sunbathe at Changi Beach during their vacation day out with some of her friends.

Unfortunately for the girl, her private part was said to have been bitten by a crab and has received a deep wound. According to one marine biologist, the crab may have confused the girl’s private part to an oyster, which is a part of a crab’s diet.

According to reports by Singapore’s local media, the incident happened by the afternoon which the victim and her friends decided to go nude in order for them to have a full body tan, despite of the act being illegal in the said country.

One of the victim’s friends claimed that she was awoken by the screaming and was shocked when she saw a crab hanging off her friend’s private part. photo

Luckily, the biologist said that the girl should make a full recovery anytime soon, but warns everybody about the risk of going nude in such area.

SOURCE: SundayRegister