Girl orders bookshelf online, turns out to be miniature doll house

Nowadays, online shopping is the new trend. With people all busy in their daily schedules either with their jobs or schoolworks, they no longer have time to visit the mall or the supermarket to buy the things they need. This is where online shopping comes in.

There is surely a lot of advantages to online shopping, like being able to order what you need with just a click and even having it delivered right before your doorstep.

However, there are also quite a number of disadvantages to various online shopping sites. Simple examples may include wrong size, wrong color or in extreme cases, wrong item delivered.

Just like in the experience of this netizen named Alyana Rain who shared her outrage with the popular online shopping page, Lazada after the company delivered the wrong item to her.

According to the post, Rain supposedly ordered a ‘bookshelf’ via the Lazada’s website. What was delivered to her however was a miniature version of a bookshelf. She also sarcastically said that what she ordered was a shelf for her books to be stored and not for ‘dwarfs’.

The said post instantly gained the attention of netizens. In the comments section, many also shared their dismay towards Lazada claiming that they experienced the same situation too.

The said post already gained more than 8,000 reactions and more than 5,000 shares in just 4 hours after it was posted.

Meanwhile, other netizens who also commented on the post said that they hope that the said post could reach the Lazada management so that that the said inconsistencies in the deliveries of Lazada may be resolved soon.