Girl praised on social media for standing up against her narrow-minded friend that belittles call center agents

Facebook User Antonette delos Santos took a stand for all call center agents out there when she and her now ex-friend argued regarding her applying for a job as a call center agent.

The heated conversation started when Antonette asked her friend to ask her sister about vacant position in a call center. Instead of helping Antonette or encouraging her, she/he decided to diss Antonette and all the center agents in general.

Even though Antonette pointed out that her friend’s sister is currently working as a call center agent, she still kept on dissing them like there’s no tomorrow. Even calling them “Mga walang pangarap sa buhay.” This was the time Antonette had enough and defended not only herself but all call center agents.

Antonette then dumped her friend due to his/her narrow mindset. Their conversation is later uploaded on Facebook, where she received an admiration for standing up for all workers in this industry.

Ever since it was posted last April 7, the post has garnered 5,361 shares and over 9K likes and reactions on Facebook.

Source: TNP