Girl pulls a prank on her boyfriend, Lucia Joaquin’s way

Lucia Joaquin is now taking over the social media world by storm as her creepy story continues to emerge on social media especially on Facebook. The viral story was first shared by a netizen named Enzo Cruz when he posted a creepy message that allegedly came from Lucia Joaquin at around 3:00 a.m.

Due to this, many netizens are now making their own stories and using the character Lucia Joaquin when they want to scare the crap out of their friends by pulling a prank using social media.

Having said that,  netizen by the name Vherna Fernandez decided to pull a prank on her boyfriend and also made the effort to create a dummy Facebook account to perfect her plotted prank. According to Vherna, she only tried the prank due to Lucia Joaquin’s massive popularity and was very proud of herself when she succeeded.

Since her boyfriend posted Lucia’s photo saying “see you later”, she got an idea to pull an ingenious prank against him. She asked Go Edit Philippinas One or GEPO editors to edit some of their photos to scare her boyfriend.


She then created a dummy account under the ghost’s name and add her boyfriend as friend like what happened in the creepy story.

And they started chatting as early as 11 p.m.

When her boyfriend thinks that the person behind this account is making fun of him, he stopped responding…

…until his chat mate sent him this! LOL

And this!

But BF tried to sound calm.

Until GF realized to send a screen capture from their last videocall and tell him that she can see him right through her screen.

Until he finally blocked her

And the rest is history…

Thanks to his last resort- the Bible

Well done Vherna! Well done! 👏👏

H/T: Boy Trending