Girl shares how she earned P99,550 in 7 days

It is almost common knowledge that everybody wants to be wealthy in life. Whether it’s by busting your butt off at work and getting paid by your superior, by putting up your own business or by taking advantage of modern technology by posting your products on various social media sites.

With all that said, a netizen named Rosemarie Peñamora Tan really shocked many when she recently posted her strategy how she was able to earn the amount ₱99,550 in just a single week by participating in the 7-day Challenge.

We all know for a fact that spending money is way more easier than saving or earning it. In Rosemarie’s Facebook post, she pointed out that she was struggling saving money and to save some cash, she just used old cans of puppy love milk instead of buying a new piggy bank.

She claimed that she is that kind of person who buys stuff despite of its usefulness. However, her struggles and sacrifices were all worth it for she has earned a total amount of  ₱99,550 in just 7 days.

It took Rosemarie a lot of patience to succeed on her goal, she started the whole thing last September 2 and finally opened the can 7 days later just this past Saturday, September 9.

As of this writing, Rosemarie’s already garnered over 49K likes/reactions and has a share count of 25,594 on Facebook.