Girl surprises BF a bouquet of money worth $3,200 of paper bills

Now that Valentine’s Day is near, we can already see all types of surprises being prepared by lovers across the globe. From chocolates, flowers, make-up kits, and just about anything under the sun. Although the usual practice is the guy giving an extravagant gift to his girl, it also turns out that girls can do great in giving surprises to their boyfriends too.

Just like this lavish gift from a girl to his boyfriend. The gift includes the literal need of everyone – money. Yeah, you read it correctly, 20-year-old university student Pilaslak Puenchoke gave her lucky boyfriend a bouquet not made of flowers or chocolates but MONEY!

Oh, and mind you, it’s not just a few dollars worth because the whole bouquet is worth 104,000 Thai baht or approximately $3,200. That sure is one heck of a bouquet.

According to Rachfeed, it was the birthday of Puenchoke’s boyfriend just a few days before Valentine’s day which is why she decided to give such lavish gift to him. After searching for gift ideas on the internet, she came across that bouquet made of money and she worked on it and made it come to life.

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A Thai netizen only identified as “Tua” decided to take a video and photos of the moment Puenchoke gave the bouquet to her boyfriend and decided to post it on social media which quickly escalated the interest of netizens which made the post viral. The video itself already gained more than 500,000 views as of writing time.

Here is the video:

So, would you like to receive a similar bouquet on Valentine’s day too?