Girl on viral ‘viand-inside-helmet’ video shares her side of the story

To be able to promote less accidents on the road, there are certain rules and regulations that everyone must follow. This includes probably the most violated rule of ‘wear your helmet while riding a motorcycle’. Because motorcycle is a cheap and convenient way of travelling, more people prefer using it.

Just like this couple in a video that went viral recently. In the said video posted by the Facebook page, Gadget Addict, it can be seen that the girl was angrily trying to hit a member of the Land Transportation Office after she caught him filming the entire scene of them being ticketed for violating the helmet policy.

Here is the full video:

As the video was bombarded with negative comments from netizens, the girl whose face was blurred in the video finally shares her side of the story.

She was known via her Facebook name, Chezka Bautista. In her lengthy post which is written in whole capital letter, she expressed her disappointment towards the Land Transportation Office. She claims the LTO has been always ‘biased’ with ‘who’ they chose as violators.

She wrote that officers and members of the LTO only care about collecting money from citizens. She also described the LTO officers as ‘indecent’ because of what they did to them.

Furthermore, she explained that she was only out to buy a viand for her family as they were living in the area. As it was only a short ride, she chose not to wear her helmet and put the viand she bought inside it instead.

Read her full post here: