Girl plans to surprise her boyfriend but she was the one surprised with what happened instead

In romantic relationships, partners often plan surprises for their other half in an effort to spice up the relationship. However, surprises could go wrong too. Like in the case of this girlfriend.

The Facebook page Mga Linyang Bisaya recently shared a post that instantly went viral. The said post comes along with a video and 5 photos.

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According to the post, the girlfriend who was the one taking the video tried to surprise her boyfriend by going to his condominium unit. While she was there, she hid inside a closet so she could not be easily seen. She also left her phone in the table facing the bed in an attempt to record the reaction of her boyfriend when he sees her.

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Moments later, the boyfriend appears but he was with another guy! It sure is a shocking revelation as the girlfriend really thought that her boyfriend was straight.

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The two men started doing “sexual” things and it was all recorded via the phone camera. The two already stripped off their clothing when the girlfriend got out from where she was hiding and instantly went into “beastmode” with what she saw right before his eyes.

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She cursed at her boyfriend for playing tricks with his true sexuality all this time. Netizens reacted to the post as it really was a controversial issue.

Meanwhile, the page clarified that the whole video was STAGED  and that people behind it intentionally taped the video just for FUN.

Take a look at the whole video below: