Another lady slays the puberty challenge as she turned into a real beauty

“Puberty Challenge” goes trending on Facebook just recently. The challenge is to check the changes you’ve made as time passed by. Many had fun with this challenge and enjoyed sharing their Puberty pictures. And some were really unbelievable that they could have such changes.

The challenge is so much like with the story to tell of Krizia Jewel V. Silverio from Baliuag University. From a little girl, she transformed into a beautiful young lady. Her pictures are being posted by Facebook Blog Page and captioned it relating to “Crab mentality” which is said to be common to Filipinos and they said “only in the Philippines”.

Each caption in the picture shows how people had the mentality to put you down but always end up with the line “hayaan mo sila jan” or “let them be” Which means not minding what other people are saying.

Here are the following pictures featuring only one person in each photo:


“If a young girl always goes out, she is “lakwatsera” and people like her will never be successful in life.”

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“People would always think that people who wear braces are rich, not knowing the real purpose of it.”

That transformation though!

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“If your pictures are taken on HD (High Definition) you’re feeling like a model because they’re just the one entitled for that. While in fact, people just love to take their pictures like that.”

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On this photo, the one who posted this said: “No matter how people treat you badly or throw negative things on you, you should never be affected. Instead take them as an inspiration to become successful. Beauty may fade, but a good heart will stay forever and ended with “let them be”.

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Generally, not all Filipino will agree with what they have posted about crab mentality trait, for not everyone possesses this. It would be unfair for those who are having a clean of heart.

But let’s just be happy about Krizia for transforming as gorgeous as she is now. It’s good for her that she had taken all the bullying positively. She became better anyways.

SOURCE: Rachfeed