Gorgeous police officer goes viral as stunning photos wow netizens

There are only a few brave women who try to live up to the challenge of entering the police force. Considering the risky kind of work that the police officers do, it is a given fact that most who join the force are mostly men.

However, there are also women who also respond to the call of service to the country. They too are willing to risk even their own lives just to protect the people around them and the country as a whole.

Although there are just a few women in the police force, it turns out that most of them are gorgeous not just on their inner intentions but also in terms of their physical appearance.

As we have previously seen on various online forums, the police officers have proven over and over again that not all the gorgeous women join show business, some also join the police force.

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The latest addition to the long list of gorgeous police officers is PO1 Mel Rose Duma. In a post shared by the Facebook page, Buhay Lespu, photos of Duma are the ones featured which drew quite a positive reaction from netizens.

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In the photos uploaded by the said page, it is evident that Duma really is a gorgeous lady even when wearing her combat uniform. She could really stand out in a crowd of women. This just proves that she really is a #GandaPulis.

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According to Definitely Filipino, PO1 Mel Rose Duma is a member of San Pedro Police Station located in Davao City.