The government will pay you and all your needs to live in this tourist spot but with a small catch

There are some people who dreamed of leaving in a horror movie as if it was all just for fun and if you are one of these people, now is your chance to live your dream and make it a reality. What made it better is the government will actually pay you to do such scary task.

The location of this real-life horror story is located at the historic town of Garnet, Montana. Volunteers are free to explore the majestic Montana wilderness as they please, but on the downside, there’s just one totally minor catch you’re going to want to be aware of and it’s not the lack of running water or WiFi.

If you are the type of a person who seeks peace and quiet, this beautiful cabin in Garnet, Montana is surely be your bet

It’s not only cozy, but the government wants to pay you to live there! There’s free room and board, as well as a meal stipend

The said cabin is originally a 19th-century mining town and the worst part is that, not all of the residents have left

Rumor has it that after sundown, the spirits of the town’s former residents reportedly come out to do their daily routine and they are often heard having a chat with each other

Some local residents claim the ghosts hide in the shadows of the town and during a visit from Bureau of Land Management historian Allan Mathews he claimed that he saw the figure of a woman standing in the window of the town’s old hotel

Despite of its spine-tingling stories, the government recently started renting out hotel rooms for tourists who wants to stay there longer

You may think that this offer would be fun, exciting and not to mention will make you lots of cash, but many of the people will probably back out due to the creepy stories regarding the said ghost town.