Grab driver who chose to return cellphone of a passenger gets beaten instead of being rewarded

The Grab service is one of the most convenient and safest form of transportation nowadays as one will be able to take note of the phone number of the driver especially if they happen to leave an important belonging inside the car.

One Grab driver however shared his unfortunate experience with a passenger. The incident concerns a cellular phone left by the passenger inside the car which was in good faith returned by the driver but, instead of being praised for his good deed, he was beaten up by the passenger.

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In a report by Definitely Filipino, Armando Yabut, a 30-year-old Grab driver is now seeking justice for what happened to him.

According to the driver, on the 9th of February, a passenger named Jinno Jhon P. Simon rode his car and asked if he could charge his phone through the car’s charging port to which Yabut willingly agreed.

The ride went smoothly and Simon got off on his destination. However, when Yabut went home, he noticed that a cellphone was left on his car. He immediately called Grab company to ask for assistance as to the contact details of his passenger.

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When he managed to talk with Simon, he was courteous enough and even said that he will pay for the gas expense of Yabut as long as he returns the cellphone to his home.

Yabut agreed but when he came to Simon’s residence, he was punched by the passenger claiming that he had intentions of stealing the phone.

Because of this, Yabut filed a case against Simon and stated that he has no intention of settling the matter with him.

A Facebook user named Kiel Nigel yabut also shared a post about Yabut seeking justice for what happened to him.

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