Grandpa caught on cam molesting a mannequin in broad daylight

May it be in malls or supermarkets, mannequins are often used to demonstrate how a certain piece of clothing will look on an actual person when he or she wears it. Oftentimes, these mannequins just form the figure of a male or female body without the minute details of the human body.

There are also times that a certain store might have a ‘change of display’ causing their mannequins to be left ‘naked’ while still on display outside their stores.

What was unexpectedly caught on camera was this bizarre moment where an old man who happens to be passing by a certain store tried to ‘sexually assault’ their displayed mannequin.

In a 30-second clip uploaded via Facebook, an old man wearing a ray t-shirt, maong pants and a brown cap can be seen ‘kissing’ the upper bust of the displayed mannequin while doing an awkward ‘push and pull’ action towards the private part of the mannequin.

One lady who happened to pass by the old man while he was doing his thing failed to contain her emotion of being shocked with what she saw.

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Meanwhile, many netizens find the video hilarious that the comments section was flooded with GIFs, stickers and emojis of funny faces. The post already gained attention as it was shared more than 700 times as of this article’s writing time.

Lesson learned for the grandpa, never let your vulnerability get the best of you especially when you are strolling around a public place.