Are you growing this indoor plant? Throw it away immediately before it’s too late

Almost everyone wants their home to be quite presentable and good to look, that’s where home plants came in to the picture. Home plants add color, beauty and life to one’s home, but take it with caution for some of these plants are a little too dangerous to keep inside our homes.

One Facebook user with the name Vil Ram, shared her experience of encountering such plant and claimed that the everyone on their household were almost hospitalized due to a single plant found in their home.

In her Facebook post she stated that, a little kid named CJ was seen to have picked a single leaf from the said and immediately took a bite from it. However, just a few seconds later the kid started crying without knowing the reason why. Out of curiosity, she also decided to take a bite out of the leaf and that’s when she discovered the cause of kid’s outcry.

According to her, the leaf’s taste was like swallowing acid and we all know that’s not good at all. They then took the time to let themselves drink some milk with a little bit of sugar to ease the pain the pain they were going through. She then took the time to warn everyone about the danger of the plant and that home owners should not display it in their homes.

Her claims may be true, but growing plants in your home most are perfectly safe. The only downside is when you have inquisitive children and pets who may want to chew, then can cause you some problems for there are plants that can cause any real damage.