Guy almost lost his private part after hooking it to live oyster

People now a days are  so advanced when it comes to the way they think. They could just make impossible things possible. And sometimes their way of thinking are no longer reachable for others. Especially when engaged so much on the technology and internet.

Just like with a 26-year-old guy in Singapore who almost got his private part cut, after having sex with an oyster, he bought from the seafood market. According to the report, the guy was interested and motivated to have sex with an oyster after seeing its feature like that of a woman’s private part.

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The guy admitted that he had done his earthly desire with an oyster, after reading an article regarding the woman whose private part was bitten by a crab, which is said to be mistaken by the crab as an oyster.

He said after drinking 2 bottles of alcohol, he passed by the market and bought some oysters wherein he told the seller to find him the biggest oyster. And the unexpected thing happened with him and the oyster upon reaching home.

And when he reached the climax, he made his moves a little faster, that made his private part wounded. The 26-year-old guy got 67 stitches and according to his doctors, if he wasn’t in a right position when he did that thing to an oyster, there’s a possibility that he would lose and cut his private part.

SOURCE: Bombo Radyo Iloilo