Guy become instant hero after transforming average females into celeb-like ladies

People now a days would judge you according to the physical appearance that you have. They would immediately like and follow you on social media if you’re looking pretty. There are people who are extremely pretty with or without filters, but there are some who are just relying on some editing technique made by experts. But could we really trust those pretty faces we see on social media?

Photoshop is a one known app to be an expert in editing your “not so good picture” into something looking exceptionally good. Kanahoooo is making rounds now in the social network “Weibo” because of the “before and after”pictures he had edited using Photoshop.

According to him, he wanted to warn everyone about the pictures seen on social media and that not to believe everything that are on it. He also highlighted that before dating someone, make sure to see them in person first. See some pictures that will prove the power of Photoshop made by Kanahoo.

Kanahoo has been given the name “Photoshop Holy” because he could transform you into something you are not.

His job is about photo manipulating wherein he would make you look cute and pretty.

Saving his files after editing has been his habit not like with others who would put away everything after editing.

He could not just make you look cute but could also make you look slimmer.

Kanahoo could make you look whiter and slimmer using different corrections on you photo.

This is one of a kind eye-opener for everyone. Indeed, it is now very easy to trick anyone using modern techniques and apps regarding your looks. But these looks are just all temporary, what is most important is the looks that we have within ourselves.