Guy bought a rusty knife for only $3, goes viral after turning into a completely new level blade

Most of the buyers would really go for a cheaper price rather than the expensive one. They would rather choose to have one with a cheaper price even if they aren’t sure of the quality of it. However, there are really some products which may only be bought for a cheaper price but still very useful and has a very good quality and that could somehow make our day.

Just like with what happened to a guy who bought an old rusty knife for only $3. It was when Japanese Chef and YouTube blogger Jun visited a recycling store to sell some stuffs he no longer needs, and he overheard of another seller in that store who sells an old Japanese knife for only ¥30 ($0.30) but the store refused him.

Jun then approached the man and showed his interest in buying the knife. But the seller then raised the price into $3 which is 10 times higher than his first attempt in selling it. And Jun got the knife despite the price and the guy just went out of the store with a huge smile in his face, feeling satisfied of selling his item.

But the knife was actually worth more than that without the seller knowing it. According to BuzzFlare article, “A brand new one sells at around ¥10,500 ($93), with some even fetching prices!”

What Jun did to the knife is actually amazing. He sharpened and cleaned the knife as long as he can.

He then was able to transform the old rusty knife into something brand new.

And have used just amazingly.

As a blogger, he then uploaded a video of it online and it caught a lot of attention that the video immediately became YouTube’s #2 video.

The last laugh is still with Jun. Not only that he bought the expensive knife for just a cheaper price but also he’s now earning much because of the video he uploaded.

Watch the video here:

Source: Elite Readers