Guy brings gorgeous wife to high school reunion and everyone was shocked with what they learned about the couple

High school is the stage of life where one meets people and memories to be cherished for life. People we meet during our high school days are the ones that can really affect our lives.

Just like these high school buddies named Kevin and Billy. The two were really close during their high school days but they were unable to be in constant contact with each other because of busy schedules and distance. The only known fact between the two is that they were both married with their wives for 10 years now.

At the reunion when the gentlemen gathered around, Kevin was surprised at how beautiful Billy’s wife was and felt curious about it. He said to Billy: “Wow! Your wife is so beautiful!” to which Billy proudly replied while looking at his wife: “Indeed, she is very beautiful to me.”

According to Goodtimes, Kevin even went on to ask Billy as to how long he has been married since Billy and his wife really look adorable as if they just got married. They were even holding hands and their other batchmates tease the two like they were a newly married couple. Billy confirmed that he was indeed married to his wife for 10 years already.

Billy’s casual reply surprised Kevin! “No way! You guys look like as if you just got married recently! I have to admit that I have also been married for 10 years, just like you, but look at my wife. She does not look like she used to before. Unlike me, you are so lucky to have a gorgeous wife,” Kevin said.

“Well, at least my wife has been a good wife and mother to my children. Looking at your wife, I am sure you have hired a housekeeper to help her do all the house chores, right?” Kevin asked Billy.

Since Billy’s wife really looked good, Kevin further asked if she does household chores. To which, Billy responded that his wife is a full-time housewife and she takes care of their children and their home. Kevin further doubted that there is truth to what Billy was saying.

Billy then further added: “I remember her favourite food, her hobbies and I could even guess what she wants to say before she even finishes her sentences. I tied her shoelace when it comes loose. I will give her a quick massage when she is too tired. Sometimes, I buy fruits that she likes on my way going back home. I never forget to kiss her forehead before I go to work and I will always pick her up from the market if it is raining. She knows that it is better for her to spend her money on her family so she rarely buys herself new clothes but since I know her size, I will make sure to buy her new clothes every month. Are you like me? What have you done to your wife so far?”

Kevin’s face turned red as he listened to Billy as he suddenly recalled how highly he thought of himself when he was with his wife at home. He always scolded her over petty mistakes and recently, they got into a fight when Kevin discovered that his wife bought a $50 sweater which he thought was expensive and unnecessary.

“Our wives may be a full-time housewives but that does not mean that we could just let her do all the house chores. Marriage is not a one-way commitment. No wonder your wife looks exhausted,” Billy explained to Kevin hoping that Kevin would realize how much his wife had been sacrificing for their family.