Guy Builds A Crazy House In The Desert Out Of Old Shipping Containers, Look How Cozy Inside

Out in the Joshua Tree Desert, the most beautiful views and landscapes that southern California has to offer can be seen. Rolling hills, picturesque rock formations, and a plant population are a few of the scenery that can be seen in the desert.

Just like any desert, it might not be the best place to live. With heat, wildlife, and a less-than-desirable distance to grocery stores, land owners might need to think twice before plopping down permanently on a stretch of Joshua Tree land.

However, a landowner and filmmaker, teamed up with a digital artist named James Whitaker from the United Kingdom to plan the perfect home for his Joshua Tree property.

In photo: James Whitaker

The home appears to unfurl straight out of the desert, like some kind of blooming flower. At 200-square meters on the inside, it features three bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room, and it’s made with a bizarre set of building materials.

The house was made from Shipping Containers.

The inside of the home has the amazing view of the desert. The windows enables anyone inside the house to experience the natural beauty of the lighting provided by the sunshine.

At night, the angles to which the containers are arranged gives a beautiful view of the night sky. It’s just like gazing at stars while inside the comfort of your home.

Although the home may be small when you look at it from the outside, it sure is very spacious inside. It provides plenty of room for various activities.

The designer of the house plans to install solar panels so that it could produce energy on its own.

Whew! Does anyone want to live in this house too?

Take a look at the full video below: