This guy creates dating club to match Chinese bachelors to beautiful Ukranian women

Nowadays, it somehow became a trend to use dating sites in trying to find your “perfect match”. Usually, these dating sites try to get a hold of your profile, what you like and dislike and try to match it with someone who has a similar characteristic.

Given the trend in technology, most people rely through this way to find the love of their life. But, is it still possible for a dating club to exist offline? We’ll find out soon enough.

A Chinese man named Mei Aisi created his own dating club with the aim of helping his fellow Chinese men to capture the hearts of foreign women. It was named Culove.

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According to TNP, before he created the site, he himself met a beautiful woman in Ukraine which later became her beloved wife. He went to Ukraine to study because he failed to enter a prestigious university in China.

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Chinese men were in awe of his love story, especially that he married such a gorgeous lady. They were curious as to how a simple man like him managed to capture her heart.

The Culove dating club works this way:

  • Chinese men travel all the way to Ukraine to find their perspective wife.
  • A fee of 69,000 Yuan (P539,493.22) to stay in Ukraine for 6 days.

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The package includes a stay in a 5-star hotel and sumptuous dinner parties where they are introduced to around 30 Ukranian ladies. This is a formal introduction but, the rest of the days, the men are free to do whatever they want, such as be on a one-on-one date in various scenic spots.

The dating club also offers free Ukranian classes for women so they could get to know the Chinese culture. Mandarin lessons are included here.

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According to reports, Aisi managed to rake a total of 6 Million Yuan ($1.2 Million) in his first 6 months of operation.

However, he also has other businesses aside from the dating club, he owns Chinese restaurants and an import-export company in Ukraine.

Below is a video of women who joined the Culove dating club: