Guy draws nonsense till the end but when flips the canvas, everyone claps their hands

An artist is always known to be incredible due to his/her skill to do such amazing portraits or any kind of art he/she can manage to create. Now, a street artist has really caught the attention of many when he created a stupid and non-sense portrait and transformed into something mind-blowing.

In the video posted by the official Facebook page of UNILAD, you can see a street artist creating an abstract portrait of something that doesn’t really interest anybody at first glance, as the street artist  fills the canvas so quickly that it almost seems like a time-lapse clip.

You can see the guy starting the painting with just weird shapes and not really eye-catching.

As the video goes along, he’s adding more and more nonsense on his work.

The painting does not seem to resemble anything, until with a flip of his paintbrush and the street artist craftily turns the artwork 180 degrees to reveal a portrait of iconic martial arts master Bruce Lee.


Many netizens were really amazed by the artist giving him compliments praises due to his out of this world talent. In fact, the video has now been viewed 3,703,985 times and has a share count of over 71K on Facebook.