Guy earns praises for being man enough to fulfill his promise to attend his ex graduation

The summer season is here and besides feeling the heat of the sun on your skin and before planning your vacation location, thousands of students will be finishing up their studies and officially can declare themselves as graduates. But what if someone from your past appears on your big day?

A guy named Pao Atienza earned praises from many netizens after sharing a very unusual story on Facebook.

According to Atienza he was just fulfilling the promise he made on his ex-girlfriend. Although the pair has already separated, Atienza still decided to show up on graduation. It might be a little awkward for other ex-lovers, especially meeting with your ex-girlfriend’s parents, but these two made it feel normal.

Atienza also stated in his post that he was having second thoughts about attending the graduation, however he decided to have it a go, because that is what he promised even before their breakup happened.

Moreover, after the ceremony, Atienza stayed and even was able to take pictures of her and her family. Not only that, but he also ask permission if they can have a picture together, where the girl happily to do so. He also stated that he was proud of himself, as fulfilled after the shenanigans that happened between the two.

At very end of his post, he then clarified that he is not hoping for the both of them to get back together, but sincerely hoped for her happiness.

As of this writing, the post has already gone viral and has already been shared 24, 232 times on Facebook.