Guy ends up heartbroken after girl refuses his proposal with 20 sports car

Many girls are dreaming for that romantic proposals from the guy they wished to spend their life with. As time goes by, different proposals are getting as high tech as they can be. Guys spend much of their penny just to impress the girl and pursue that “YES” answer from them.

But there are also lots of guys who were rejected despite all the efforts and money they have spent. There are really girls who may not like the guy who is proposing and don’t see them as the man to spend the rest of their life with. They don’t get any answer except the most hurting word “NO”.

Just like this guy from Shenzen, China who rented 20 luxury cars to propose to his dream girl.

His proposal seemed to be like a car show. Among those cars are Lamborghini, Bently, Mercedez Benz, and Ferrari. He then kneeled down with a bouquet of flowers. Thus, caught more attention from the onlookers and Peng was just trying to hide her face while wanted to have the man stop from what he’s doing.

Guy trying to win the heart of Peng

But after all the efforts he made, he was left embarrassed as Peng walked away from him. Peng got a lot of admirers since she started her career. She told the media that the guy was actually her childhood friend and just sees him as her brother.

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SOURCE: Elite Readers