Guy found coins worth P13 million in a farm land

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to unearth something of great value from our own backyard? Who doesn’t want to get instant riches anyway? Well, it may sound like something from a children’s book but, these people prove that such thing could happen in reality.

35-year-old Mike Smale never thought he would unearth such treasure in his lifetime. Using a metal detector, he unearthed a hoard of 2,000-year-old silver Roman coins worth up to $267,000 or PHP13,350,000. Reportedly, a single coin could sell up to $12,000.

It was reported that these coins were minted during the era of Roman General, Mark Anthony together with his lover, Cleopatra in Egypt. Experts say that this size and variety are very rare.

Smale was astonished when he uncovered one pristine coin after another dating back to 32BC. He found a total of 600 rare ancient coins in a farmer’s field in Bridport.

“It was incredible, a true once-in-a-lifetime find. I had a good idea about what it was – I had already found one or two Roman denarii that morning. It’s a great find, my biggest one, but I shan’t be giving it up. It’s great fun and I’m sticking with it,” Smale said according to Viral 4 Real.

The discovered coins will be handed over to the coroner for valuation and most likely to be sold to a museum. Profits will be split between Smale and the farmer who owns the land.

We can say that Luck is really on Smale’s side because what he found is such a rare find that he surely would not forget for as long as he lives.

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