Guy freaks out over his missing body in group photo leaving only his feet

Nowadays, whenever there is a gathering among friends or family, it is always a must to take group photos as the gathering is quite rare because everyone is busy with their own lives.

With the dawn of smartphones, it becomes easier for one to take as many photos as they could as a remembrance to an unforgettable moment.

However, this guy had quite an unforeseen and frightening experience while his group took a group photo.

In a post shared by Jayson Posadas, he says that photos attached to his post was taken during his reunion with his high school classmates.

In the first photo, Jayson is the man wearing black and can be seen standing behind the ladies in red and white shirt.

Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, people standing

In the second photo, Jayson’s face and body can no longer be seen. Only his feet was present in the photo.

Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling, people standing

He further claims that it was impossible for any of his friends to photoshop the photo as they were all busy catching up with one another plus it was already morning when they went home so everyone is probably suffering from a hangover.

Jayson further said that he was really frightened when he saw the photo that he even decided to burn the shirt he wore during that night in order to ‘get rid’ of the bad luck that the said photo may give.

In the last part of his post, Jayson warned everyone to always be careful especially if they were photographed like him but he is still positive that God is with him and God will always guide his ways.

Here is his full post: