This guy literally sleeps in money by hiding $17,000,000 under his bed

It sure is a picturesque sight to literally lay on a bed of money. Even earning a few bills could already put a dazzling smile on our faces, how much more if the money could cover up our whole bed?

Boxing legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. constantly shares on social media, a few photos of him literally sleeping in a bed of money. He is however, bashed by Netizens for showing-off and being boastful.

One guy, however, possibly a great fan of Mayweather or simply could not think of a better place to hide his money has been sleeping on a bed filled with cold cash for the past couple of years! Might sound crazy but, its the truth.

Cleber Rene Rizerio Rocha, a Brazilian national pleaded guilty for charges of conspiracy and money laundering for his part in helping pyramiding scam company Telexfree Inc. move its money out of the U.S.

The company allegedly lured over 1.8 Million people worldwide to “invest” their hard earned money but, it turned out that it was just part of an intricate pyramiding scam. The company terminated its operations in 2014 but it already managed to get around $3 Billion from its victims.

James Merrill, one of the co-founders of Telexfree Inc. has been arrested. However, another co-founder named Carlos Wanzeler, was able to escape and is still in hiding as of this article’s writing time.

In a report by Rachfeed, the police have been performing surveillance of Rocha which led to his arrest in an aparment complex in Westborough, Massachusetts. He was also the one who told the police that a huge amount of money was under his bed.

Authorities were shocked to find a total of $17 Million under Rocha’s bed. For his part on the scam, Rocha now faces 20 years in prison.