This guy orders a tank top online, what he received is a hilarious look-alike

Shopping online is just too risky. One reason is that the person buying a certain item has no warranty if it really looks the same the way it looks online.

Many people have been there, purchasing the perfect item, only for it to arrive a few days later looking nothing like what you ordered.

One of the worst and probably the funniest online shopping fails happened to a Facebook user named Jeremy Russel Priola. According to Jeremy, he wanted to purchase a gray tank-top from the online shopping giant Amazon. However, he was surprised on what he received and posted it online.

Jeremy made fun of himself posting a photo with him wearing the item he received compared to the item he ordered.

He didn’t confirm nor deny if it was another April Fool’s post, but true or not he did succeed on putting a show for netizens laugh on. As of this writing, Jeremy’s post has gone viral and already garnered over 46,000 likes and has been shared 42,418 on Facebook.