Guy photoshopped himself with Liza Soberano in bed and the result is hilarious

We are now living in the world where technology conquers almost everything, these technologies can either be a form of a gadget or any application software that can really change the game. One of these tools is the PhotoShop, where people with good photo editing skills show off their remarkable work.

Some people who has mastered the art of photo editing really takes it to the next level by editing themselves in tourist attraction spots and even inserting themselves alongside a big name celebrity just for a good laugh and for fun.

Take this Facebook user with the name Mark David Rama as he edit himself alongside the actress Liza Soberano and it has caught the attention of many netizens on social media.

The edited photo appeared to be Liza begging for more action after being unsatisfied of Mark’s performance in bed as the caption indicated.

Many netizens find the post hilarious and shared their opinions by leaving a comment on the said post. Some even pointed that the guy looks like a corpse in the photo, however you can’t deny the fact that his photo editing skills is legendary.

As expected, with the guy’s photo editing skills like that the post has now gone viral spawning over 17k likes/reactions and has earned a share count of 10,647 as of this writing.