Guy pranks dropping $1,000,000 on streets, look how people reacted!

Did you ever wondered what you would do if you happen to pick up a few dollars on the street? Would you take it to the nearest police station or lost and found section to give it back to its rightful owner? Or would you take the easier route of just shoving it down your pocket?

It may be hard to decide but, let’s just take a look at how a few people reacted when a dazzling $1,000,000 cash happen to get scattered in front of them.

A man named Nico, uploaded a video on his Youtube Channel showing how people reacted when an attache case containing $1,000,000 is dropped in their presence.

This man seems shocked. He even tried to shout at Nico that he left something behind.

This pair just didn’t care at all. They just continued on their way despite what they saw.

One of the members of this group of boys managed to shove some on his pocket.

This policewoman seemed pretty pissed. She seems to scold Nico.

This girl is even interested in having a “sugar daddy”. She even gave Nico her phone number.

This couple was shocked but they were glad to help.

These girls even asked if they could have the whole suitcase.

This girl is such a helpful soul.

Yeah, we were entertained by the reactions of these people because we are all aware that this is just a prank.

But, could you imagine being on their shoes without having a clue as to what is really happening around you.

How would you react?