Guy pretended to be a magician, fondles women’s chests to show them the trick

Magicians can be seen in different events especially parties for kids who love to see magics. A lot of them are professional when it comes to what they’re doing. They were so good in giving some tricks. But there are also some who are just pretending to be like true magicians.

Just like with the guy who fondles women’s breasts by pretending to be a magician. His way of showing his “street magic” had gone viral because of the way he pretended and fondled women’s breasts in public.


The video shows how the guy would do his magic using his “coin tricks” to some young women on the street in Chengdu. First thing he does, he asks each of the women to inspect 1 yuan coin to see if anything is wrong with it. After telling him that the coin seems normal to them, he puts the coin in his palm before placing his palm directly on the women’s breasts.


He would then tell the women when he counts to three, the coin will magically transport itself inside their bras. Once he gets to three, he eventually give their breasts a squeeze. When he finally removes his hand, the women find out that they have been tricked, but not in any magical sort of way as the coin falls out from his palm and he starts to laugh.breast_magic2.jpg

It was known then that the guy isn’t a magician, but a 26-year-old blogger from Shanghai known for making lewd “prank” videos where he asks women inappropriate questions on the street or tries to pick them up. The man in the video is surnamed Xu and was then detained by Chengdu police. Meanwhile, Xu has also issued a half-apology online, saying that he is sorry for using the women in his videos without asking their permission.


And a further investigation is being carried out into the incident, but it’s not clear if Xu will face any additional punishment for his “prank.”

Watch the video here:

SOURCE: Shanghaiist