Guy shares UberPool ride with ex and her new boyfriend

February is often dubbed as the ‘month of love’ specifically because the worldwide celebration of Valentine’s day is celebrated during this month. As we see on social media posts, there are a lot of people who are looking forward to this day, especially those that are in a relationship.

In as much as cupid would want to hit everyone with his arrows, there are really relationships that fail and people end up on their separate ways. In the experience of this certain viral guy, he ‘unexpectedly’ went on an Uber ride with his ex-girlfriend, only that she was already with her new love.

Aj Magallon shared a photo of the unexpected encounter on his Facebook account and also jokingly said that he will ‘sue’ Uber’s app because of his rather awkward meeting with his ex.

His post went: “Hi, Uber PH, I matched with my ex and her new guy in Uber Pool. Maybe there’s something wrong with the application. Valentine’s Day is near. Please have a fix on this ASAP.

Well, we can only imagine the ‘uncomfortable’ atmosphere inside the car during their whole ride. It’s a good thing that Magallon can still joke about this event.

According to Rachfeed, Magallon narrated that he was first picked up by the driver and was later alerted that the driver was picking someone else up. That was when Magallon saw the name and location of his ex.

At that point, he can no longer cancel the ride as he was already halfway through. Magallon was also aware that his ex is already in a relationship but was still shocked when he saw that the couple will be riding with him. So, he just casually said, “Hey guys, let’s take a pic together.”

Furthermore, it seems that the story did not end there as Magallon recently posted a photo of his ex-gf’s new boyfriend sending his a friendly message.

Let’s just continue to look forward to the outcome of this whole story.