Guy tries to break previous record crossing zip wire using his hair, shocked people when he stopped midway

An Indian stuntman named Sailendra Nath Roy holds the Guinness World Record for travelling the farthest distance on a zip wire using hair. In an effort to break his own record, Sailendra attempted to do the daredevil act again just recently but was unaware of the tragic incident that is about to unfold.

The 50-year-old daredevil successfully made it halfway through the zip wire when an unfortunate moment happened. His ponytail got entangled with the zip line wheel and he was stranded in the middle of the wire for about 25 minutes. Authorities believe that he suffered from a major cardiac arrest after being stuck while doing his stunt and later died after a desperate attempt to free himself.

According to Goodtimes, an estimated 1,000 people were there to witness Sailendra’s attempt of breaking his own record at the Teesta River located in the West Bengal state of India.

Sailendra managed to set up a 600-ft zip wire from the Coronation bridge which was situated 70-ft above the river. For his safety, Sailendra even wore a life jacket in case something wrong happens.

However, he failed to foresee the possibility of his hair getting stuck in the zip line rollers which led to him being stranded in the middle of the act and eventually led to his untimely and unfortunate death.

Witnesses claim that he struggled for quite a few minutes before his body stopped moving. His limp body was left hanging for about 45 minutes before rescuers managed to bring him down.

Rescuers even rushed him to the nearest hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival by the attending physician.