This Guy Used Toothpaste For His Pimples And You Wouldn’t Believe The Result

Pimples or zit can be a cause of several reasons, one of which is the lack of personal hygiene. Although some people just let it stick there without doing anything, there are some who like to get rid of it for good just like one netizen we are going to feature.

Usually, we often use skin care products or even going too far as to go to a dermatologist just to get rid of this annoying and disgusting “dirt” on our face, Facebook user Ralph Jansen Quimson begs to disagree and use a product you can easily find inside your house and helps you save money.

According to him, he was too shy to get out of their house because he has an army of pimples living on his face and claimed that he had already used several skin care products but none of them worked and he almost lost hope. Not until he discovered using a toothpaste to put an end to his skin problem(maybe he read it on Facebook?).

He said that he was trying to make his face look better because┬áthere was a girl he really likes and he doesn’t want to face that girl with all of pimples on his face. Below are photos of himself before and after he applied toothpaste on his face.


We can’t really tell you how he’s doing with girl he has eyes on, but what we can tell is the tremendous effect that the toothpaste did to get rid of those awful looking pimples of his.

Now, that you see a toothpaste’s usefulness when it comes to getting rid of pimples, will you dare to try it some other time?