Guy warns netizens over a pervert taxi driver who allegedly gropes his girlfriend’s legs

Many cases of disrespectful acts about different taxi drivers are being in news and shared in different social media sites now a days. It was reported how taxi drivers would do sexual assaults to some women of their passengers. Many were accused and was caught by the police, while others are still freely doing indecent acts towards their passengers.

Just like with was recently uploaded by a Facebook user named Ars Poongee who called the taxi driver as a pervert one. He uploaded photos of the taxi driver who allegedly perverted his girlfriend inside the taxi.

His caption:

“Sana maduterte tong taxi driver na to.. Pati pasahero pra ihatid sa lugar na pupuntahan mamanyakin nitong taxi driver nato… Sumakay yung girlfriend ko ng maayus,hindi para manyakin mu.. Kung sino nakakakilala dito sa lalaking to mag ingat at ipagbigay alam sa batas pra mahulie at tumigil sa masamang gawain.. Sana mahulie ka.. Dahil sau ung mga inusenteng taxi na dadamay sa mali mung ginagawa.. Alam ko my pamilya ka pero sana di kumalat yung lahi mo.. Napaka manyakis mu!!! Ang kapal ng muka… Humihingi po aq ng tulong pra mahuli tong taong to… Paki share nlng po… At di na kumalat to sa manila… Tnx and godbless…”

Here are some of  the photos he uploaded:

The driver’s face is clearly seen laughing and smiling with his passenger at the back seat.

His hands then can be seen over his passenger’s legs.

It was clear in the picture how his passenger stops him from doing such thing.

This issue garnered different reactions and comments and a share of 724 as of now from the netizens. Others were hoping that the said driver be caught by the Police, while others were asking for a video for more clearer information about his post.

May the suspect be caught and that he may be able to clarify his name.

SOURCE: Facebook