This guy will enjoy an all-expense-paid trip to Boracay after hilarious summer photo went viral

Summer is one thing that everyone really spends the best of  their  time just to enjoy. This is also their one way to escape from reality of work, and just have fun the whole time. Summer outing is somehow common to most.

But for some who don’t have enough money, couldn’t afford to go to somewhere amiable but expensive. Somehow, many wish to spend it more likely to some tourists destinations but only ended up with nothing.

One of the tourist’s destinations in the Philippines is the Boracay wherein it is known for its white sand beaches and everyone wishes to go there, even just once in their lives. For some it is already a great one summer to be in Boracay.

There is this one guy who dreamed of going to Boracay. His name is Rafael-nonog Gomez from Rizal, Philippines. He shared a photo of him to his social media account just to create laughs for his friends. However, he did not expect the photo to become so viral, that it has reached thousands of netizens.

In the photo, you could only see Rafael’s picture having a pinoy-style bath using only a dipper. In front of him is the simple hand-drawn picture of Boracay. Rafael really dreamed to be there, but can’t because of high travel cost and expenses.

It was until someone named Tong Yangco saw the picture, and decided to do something gratifying and selfless for Rafael. He asked netizens to help him find Rafael, so he could treat him to an all-expense-paid trip and he can even bring his friend along to Boracay.

He said on his Facebook post: “Anyone knows this guys? Let me know please if you know him. We will bring him here to Boracay. Cheers! Please share till we all find him!”

Many netizens were touched and inspired by this pleasing and delightful act of Tong. Good thing, there is still a  good Samaritan living in this world full of disguise. Rafael then must be very grateful to Tong, for not only his dream came true but also his friend.

H/T: Viral 4 Real