These guys get standing ovation for doing “nothing” in America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent is a talent show in America which is open to acts of all ages. Contestants are free to show the talent that they’ve got for as long as they don’t get the 3 x’s while performing. And to be able to proceed to the next round, they should have win the judges “yes” answer.

But a recent talent shown in the show is just as amazing and high-technology as it was. Judges and audiences just felt wow about it. Their very unique talent is one which has never been seen in public before. As the contenders have mentioned, “You gonna meet their vision”.

Since judge Heidi loves so much about Halloween,  they chose her to be part of their performance. Their talent showed how they have turn a human body transform into some magical. Heidi was so game on it and was wearing the white overall clothing provided by the performers and was asked to close her eyes all throughout the performance.

The have just done an extravagant 3D animation on the human body.

Judges were just so speechless about their performance. As they say, this is one of a kind talent ever shown in the show. They got all 4 yeses from the judges and that made them proceed to the next round.

Watch the video here and be amazed: