These guys instantly regret opening a fridge left for 7 years with a sign “Do Not Open”

When it comes to giving and following signs and instructions, we can’t deny the fact that some of us can’t really follow. Maybe because of being hard-headed sometimes or just merely because of curiosity in mind. But most of the times, curiosity doesn’t really help and even bring us harm sometimes.

Just like in the video with the three guys who disregarded the importance of following the signs and directions. Out of curiosity, they had opened a fridge with a sign “do not open” and “solid waste”.

The fridge that was left there 7 years ago had prompted a lot of speculations and curiosity of what’s really inside it. Many believed a dead body is inside that fridge that was sealed tightly with screws.

The video shows 3 men who were opening the fridge.

One of them began pulling out the screws and they were just disgusted of the smell coming from it and the rotten foods which are inside it. Out of curiosity, they found nothing. And on the video, one of them says, “There you go Internet, no bodies.”

Watch the video here:

A lesson for those who can’t follow simple signs and instructions, and doing something out of curiosity.