Hacker gains access to this woman’s webcam until one night…

Many will probably freak out when they find out that someone is spying on them for some disturbing reason. Whether its by following them every single day or just by using one of today’s modern technology, a creeper is always scary either way.

Now, YouTube channel Amazzzzing Videozzz… posted a very alarming video of a woman doing random staff in her home without her realizing that her every move is being recorded. The entire clip appears to have been filmed through the eyes of a young woman’s webcam and her most private moments are being seen.

There was even one moment in the video that the stalker’s face can be seen as if he and the girl is just having a video chat. but it is far from just a friendly chat though.

As you can see on the photo above, a popup of the suspected stalker can be seen appearing at the right of the screen and he looks like his holding his urge of doing something sexual towards the woman he is spying on, but it then disappeared in just mere seconds.

Moments before the video ends, you can see a man wearing a white t-shirt walked in the woman’s room and turned off the camera.

The video then ends with a warning about webcam hacking and that in 2010, a 31-year-old man was arrested for spying on a young girl through her webcam.

Since then, there have been thousands of documented cases of what is called “webcam hacking”. The scariest kind of horror film is when it can happen to you. This is one of those movies.

See the full video below.