Handsome Japanese man earns instant fame for selling omu rice on the street

Everywhere we go, we can always see street vendors here in the Philippines. Some are selling candies, soft drinks, water, peanuts, and many more. Others are hesitated to buy sometimes because they don’t know how it was prepared. But there are really some who would still buy from  them especially when they can’t afford expensive foods.

But it’s already a typical situation when you see a Pinoy vendor in the street, unlike seeing a foreigner vendor. Although it was already in news before about the American man who sells ice candies somewhere in Manila, the post coming from Dianne Adolfo made the netizens feel amazed about the Japanese man who sells Omu Rice at MRT-North trinoma side.

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It was the time when she was in a hurry because of her hunger that a guy caught her attention. She was supposed  to give him some money for she thought, he was lost or a beggar. But she was shocked when the guy asked her to try what he sells just for P35. Of course, she said yes and tried the food that the guy sells.

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She was so astonished seeing a foreigner vendor so she took a picture with him and posted on her Facebook account. She also stated that the guy told her to put some ketsup to make it more delicious. She said that it’s already delicious because it seems like an Omelette with rice here in the Philippines.

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This guy has a good intention in selling this omu rice in the street. He said it is to support the street children and not for his own living. People then tried to help him because of his good intention and not only that, the omu rice really tastes good according to those who have tried it.

Watch the video here:

Source: Facebook