Hashtag Franco girlfriend is very emotional in sharing their moment together

Janica Nam Floresca, the girlfriend of Hashtag Franco Hernandez took to social media to share her last moment with her boyfriend while on their way to the motorized banca that tripped while on their way to their destination.

Janica said that it just popped on her mind to record that moment with her boyfriend while they were walking on their way to that motorized banca.

In the video, Janica and her boyfriend Franco were very sweet with each other by exchanging sweet words with a sweet kisses.

The young hashtag member also said sorry for no reason and said “I love you” again to her girlfriend before the video ended.

Below is the last video of Hashtag Franco and Janica she posted on her social media account:

As of this time writing, it already went viral on social media raking almost 2 million views in less than 8 hours after posting.