Head of faceless bill found having a vacation in Mayon volcano

Recently, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or BSP has been controversial after a netizen posted photos of “faceless” 100-peso bills she allegedly got from an ATM machine. Later on, the BSP confirmed that one of their equipment “malfunctioned” which resulted to the faceless money.

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Now, another netizen posted photos of 100-peso bills. This time, the face of former President, Manuel Roxas is found in the back part of the bill, hanging above the Mayon Volcano replica that is in the back print of the bill.

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The said post by a Netizen named Emmanuel Claudio Constantino already gained negative feedbacks from Filipino Netizens. Constantino jokingly said in his post that the reason why the missing “face” on the faceless bills that recently went viral were not there because it was transferred to his 100-peso bills.

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In the photos posted, it can be seen that the front face of the 100-peso bills were wrongly printed on the back face of the bill.

However, netizens already reacted to the post with some saying that the BSP should work harder in ensuring that the money bills they produce no longer has missing or excess parts. After all, money is used in almost every transaction on a daily basis.

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Money is an essential part of the daily life of a person. It may be okay now that there are only a few mistakes in the production of the bills. However, if this goes on, it could have a negative impact on our economy and the reputation of the country as a whole.

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