He heard screams from an empty hotel room, when he opened the door look what the camera captured

Horror movies and films are so interesting to most but to some, it’s one thing they wouldn’t even dare to watch. Lots of people are so in love with horror films and they’re just courageous enough to watch them. But these horror movies are only authors’ imaginations, and their minds just works really well to convince people to believe their stories.

But there are some which are said to be really true. However, whether they’re true or not, a different kind of a horror story regarding ghosts had gone viral before and now its getting some attention again.

John here allegedly hears screams from an empty room.

John, Amy and the “Ghost” of Room 209 is one of a kind horror story about a screaming ghost at room 209. This has something to do with believing it to be true or just produce another kind of horror which is convincing enough and no mistakes after all.

After the video, John, Amy and the “Ghost” of Room 209 had been watched by many and went viral, Ghostalkers had just simply shown how little mistakes were done on the video. And they’re saying John, Amy, and “the other guy” had done much better in producing a humorous and deceiving joke.

Watch the full video here: