Heart Evangelista Breaks Down After Experiencing How To Be Poor!

Even before rising to fame, Heart never experienced skipping meals, brownouts, bathing outside their house and do other difficult things because she came from a prominent family of businessmen. But after she has experience the exact everyday life story of poor people, she eventually gives up and breaks down.

As been stated in a showbiz news scoop by Trending News Portal, in Heart’s new reality TV show entitled Follow Your Heart,” she tried putting herself in the lived experiences of poor people. She underwent their daily struggles, cook and eat their own food and live like millions of poor Filipinos.

The host/actress said, “You know yung nakakatuwa sa kanila is kahit nahihirapan sila or ano, nakangiti pa rin sila. Sobrang saya pa rin nila.”

In a latter part of the segment, Heart started crying because she felt a sudden realization for the poor families who only eat at least two (2) cans of sardines on good times and eat almost none when they have no money at all.

“Actually, ayokong umiyak kasi ayoko yung pakiramdam na, ayokong isipin nila na naaawa ako sa kanila kasi masaya naman sila sa ganon eh. Pero di ko lang maintindihan yung dalawang de lata ng sardinas,” the host/actress said while wiping her teary eyes.

“Sobrang bait nila, sobrang saya-saya nilang pamilya. Lesson lang siguro to para sa lahat satin. Ang dami nating complaint pero sila masaya na sila sa ganon,” she even added.

However, she still went to a different family and spent some moment with them. She even took care of the kids in the said household. What a wonderful experience she had.

This is the whole video. Watch her one-of-a-kind experience here:

Most of us, especially middle class people are always complaining in our daily ‘struggles’ and ‘hardships’ in life–slow wifi connection, heavy traffic, congested elevators, long queues, and other stuffs. Don’t we appreciate what we have and just live simple and normal lives like these poor people are doing every single day? Better think again.

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Source: TNP