Heart Evangelista suffers from wardrobe malfunction in “Mulawin vs. Ravena”

In Entertainment Industry, actors and actresses are doing their best just to make their viewers feel good about them. They are working day and night just to fulfill the tasks given to them. Movies and different shows are the product of their hard work.

In GMA Channel, they have a new show that just aired last May 22, 2017, which is “Mulawin vs. Ravena”, where Heart Evangelista is one of the characters.


The half-human/half-bird characters aired on Philippine TV again, that was originated from “Mulawin” last 2004, where Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin were the leading characters. The first two episodes were going well on their rating.

However, netizens were just so keen observant and was able to notice something on their May 23 episode.

A different kind of wardrobe malfunction of Heart Evangelista’s character, Alwina. If you have noticed, a hidden iPHone in her costume can be seen.

Netizens on twitter posted different reactions about it. SEE below;


The incident just caught a lot of active users on social media, and made the episode more of the talks.

There are different reactions about this, some are saying that the picture is only edited, while others are saying that they might not just noticed it when it was aired on National Television.