Does Hell Exists? Sounds of tormented souls recorded by scientists after digging deep hole in Siberia

For years it has always been a wonder by many people if the terrible place call hell really does exists. Despite of it being stated in the bible, there are still some people out there who doubts its existence and ignores it completely as if it is nothing to be worried about.

Despite of all the doubters, there are also a bunch of people who does believe of it exists and said that it will be your eternal suffering once you don’t accept God as your saviour. However, there are also some stories that made doubters believers.

Whether you believe in hell’s existence or not, it is out of the question that there some people out there who are afraid of going to such terrible place. That being said, a group of Russian geologists dug a 14,000-meter-deep well in Siberia way back mid-December of 1989, in which they have discovered something very spine-tingling.

According to them, after they drilled a several kilometers deep, the driller began to sort of operating wildly, which lead them to conclude that the center of the Earth is hollow and they are most likely close to its end.

During their time down there, they have managed to record a 25-second audio right before the microphone melted, but it was 17 horrifying seconds of the screams of the damned.

Some people believed that creepy sound caught on tape were screams of the people who are suffering the fire of the place they called hell.

SOURCE: Disclose