Here’s the average age of women losing their virginity in each country

Countries all over the world have divided opinions and belief regarding the issue of pre-marital sex. There are certain cultures that do not give a damn and there are also conservative ideologies that still believe that it is of utmost importance to be married first before engaging in sexual activities.

However, despite these cultural differences across the globe, we can’t deny the fact that more and more teens are engaging in pre-marital sex at their young age.

The Facebook page, Fortafy provided us with the average age of women who lose their virginity in various countries. Here goes the list. Go over it and try to check out if the age indicated in your country is quite explainable.

The list is arranged in a descending order of age. Here, take a closer look:

  • India – 19 years old
  • Italy – 18 years old
  • Turkey – 19 years old
  • Spain – 17.5 years old
  • Japan – 17.2 years old
  • France 17.2 years old
  • Canada – 17 years old
  • United States – 16.9 years old
  • United Kingdom – 16.6 years old
  • Germany – 15.9 years old
  • Iceland – 15.6 years old

Although most of the countries mentioned are liberated in nature, it is still a shock seeing that there are certain women in some countries who lose their virginity at such a young age (without even reaching the legal age of 18).

Regardless, we still can’t simply judge these ladies unless we were able to live their lives and see the struggles they have been through.

Watch the video below as compiled by Fortafy:

So, do you believe the list justifies your country? Share us your thoughts.