Heroic Gecko saves friend from greedy snake in a life threatening battle

How much can you do to save the life of a friend? This giant Gecko called Tokay Gecko captured in the video was willing to offer his own life to save his mate’s life against a predator, a Snake.

The video was captured by the owner of the house which can be heard in the background with some other folks.

Here, the heroic Gecko spotted that a friend is losing it’s battle against a snake who wanted to make him to be a delicious meal.

A closer look in the video shows the struggle of the “victim” from the strong grip of the snake.

His friend later made a move and attack their predator without thinking the danger of being bitten and getting a venum from the snake.

The strikes were successful and made the snake to lose his grip on his potential meal and enabled the victim to bite back.

A few seconds later, the rescuer engaged in a face-to-face battle against the snake and finally made the snake gave up his meal that day.

WATCH the heroic battle below:

True enough, not all heroes wear capes, some of them are just your friend, and some are Geckos like him.