Hiker finds a wrecked car in a steep forest, it turns out that it was a Porsche stolen 27 years ago

To own a luxury car is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it is a product of one’s hardwork and struggle in order to obtain the dream car. A curse because there are many people who are more interested in stealing a luxury car as it will be quite easier than trying to afford one.

Back in January of 1991, a 1979 model Porsche 924 was reportedly stolen outside a movie theater in Medford, Oregon. There were no witnesses that could help identify the culprit and there were no sightings that the said car was driven in or around town since it was stolen.

For nearly 27 years, the theft of the car remained a mystery and it was as if it just vanished into thin air.

Then came November 28, 2017. A hiker was talking his dog for a hike deep in the forest when he discovered a wrecked vehicle. It turned out that it was the Porsche that was missing 27 years ago.

The vehicle was upside down and was wedged against a tree deep in the steep forest. The hiker also spotted skeletal remains beside the wrecked vehicle which prompted him to call the cops.

According to Buzzflare, authorities positively identified the vehicle as the missing Porsche that was stolen outside a movie theater many years back.

Furthermore, the cops were relieved when they found out that the skeletal remains were not that of a human being but it belongs to a deer and they came to the theory that the deer was possibly hit by the car when it came rolling down the steep forest.

The question that still remains now is the identity of the thief/thieves who stole the Porsche which will be hard to locate given the time passed since the incident.